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land listing for auction
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 Land UseCountyZipAreaAuction Date
Home SiteCumberland0830233,814.00 Acres6/27/2014
Home SiteCumberland0830225,652.00 Sq. ft6/27/2014
CommercialGloucester083220.85 Acre6/27/2014
Home SiteSalem080982.00 Acres6/27/2014
Home SiteSalem083186.00 Acres6/27/2014
FarmSalem0831822.00 Acres6/27/2014
Single FamilyGloucester080567.00 Acres6/27/2014
FarmSalem08079228.00 Acres4/25/2014
CommercialSalem080700.92 Acre 
CommercialOcean087580.95 Acre 
Home SiteCumberland083605.43 Acres 
Home SiteGloucester080621.00 Acre 
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